Traffic jams have been and still are the main problem of modern megacities. A hopeless situation, which leads to tension, irritability and stress for most drivers, who stand in daily huge lines on their iron horse. To cope with this, you can, for example, read what do you do with old license plates in ontario.

Change a comfortable car interior in a crowded subway car to get rid of the hours of long waiting will not want everyone (more precisely, few people). Therefore, we decided to help with some useful tips on how you can distract yourself and spend the time spent in traffic with benefit.

So, what can you do while sitting in the car, watching the endless chain of people, meditating, sleeping, talking on the phone, and God knows what else?

It all depends on the length and speed of the traffic jam on your way. If it is small, and you see that you are stuck for no more than 20 minutes, you can just listen to your favorite music, call relatives or friends (just remember that you can only talk using hensfree: headphones, speakerphone).

If you understand that in the next 40-50 minutes you will not have to press the gas pedal to drive a couple of meters, you can do things that will require more time.

Cleaning the cabin.
Yeah, yeah, remember the last time you did an audit of the glove compartment? That’s right, so arm yourself with a damp cloth or rag and wipe off the dust, throw out all the junk from the glove compartment, in general, make the interior clean and cozy. If you have polish, you can also polish the interior – time will run out of time.

Instead of uselessly beating your fist on the horn and expressing dissatisfaction in the direction of slowly creeping ahead “neighbors in traffic” read something useful. Now buy a good book is not a problem.

You can not buy, and just download to your tablet or smartphone from a free website (there are many) and read, if you have the desire.

Remember, perhaps you wanted to learn a foreign language (English, French, Italian or Spanish). So why not download audio courses from the Internet, which are now myriad, and not start learning while standing in traffic?

Count how much time you idle every day, every month, and after giving a few hours a day listening to the course, after 6-12 months you will already be able to tolerably communicate in the same English.

Who’s surprised by a tablet, an e-book or an impressive smartphone these days? Of course, all these useful gadgets can and should be used to kill time while standing in traffic.

Can’t make it to a soccer game or your favorite TV show because you’re stuck in traffic? Well, then watch it right in the car, modern technology makes it possible.

Download to your tablet dozens of good movies that you have long wanted to watch, but never had a free minute. Do it in traffic.

Call, read a book, check your mail, communicate in social networks, play – there are a lot of options, modern mobile technology will not let you get bored.

Rest and relaxation
If you do not want to strain your eyes, ears and other parts of the body, you can relax and rest. A sedentary lifestyle has never made anyone healthier. This also applies to people who spend a lot of time driving a car.

Massage your neck, staretch your hands, straighten your shoulders, blink your eyes, in a word, warm up and stretch. These simple exercises will help you release tension and tone your muscles.

If necessary, you can even find special videos on YouTube with exercises for drivers, which you can do without leaving the car. You can also do some light meditation.

Just turn on quiet relaxing music, close your eyes and let your thoughts go, and if it’s hard to get rid of them at all, then imagine something pleasant. You can even sing, if it will cheer you up.

There are many more ways to combat boredom and idleness while in traffic jams than we were able to describe in this article. For example, for the beautiful half of humanity, idling in traffic jams gives the opportunity to get makeup, tidy up, get a manicure.

If you treat traffic jams not as unforeseen delays, but as a great opportunity to do something useful and interesting, for which in everyday life is banal lack of time, then life will become easier and more fun.

And remember, once in a traffic jam, keep calm, take care of your nerves, and try to spend the time given to you by the traffic jam with benefit.

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