What is scrap metal? Types and features

Let’s find out what kind of scrap metal is there?

We have all heard of non-ferrous and ferrous metals, that are accepted here: https://scrapcar.cash. In the same way, scrap metal is primarily divided up. The assignment of a particular item to one group or another depends on its chemical composition.

Ferrous metal scrap

Scrap ferrous metals are elements consisting of iron, iron, steel and so on. These can be shavings, casting waste, recycling, various steel, iron products, end-of-life, used.

Non-ferrous metal scrap

Non-ferrous metal scrap can include items made of aluminum, copper, titanium, lead, and various alloys. Quite often there are items made of bronze, brass. Aircraft factories are a rich source of magnesium scrap, as well as titanium scrap metal (it can also be found in shipyards). Lead scrap is usually parts of car batteries and cables. In addition, scrap complex alloys and semiconductor scrap are distinguished. Their source is electronic, high-tech manufacturing.

Non-ferrous metal scrap is the most popular on the market. This is mainly due to the fact that it is, in most cases, a wide variety of alloys used in industry. Thus, the consumer has an opportunity to pick up a metal with the properties he needs for a certain purpose. Non-ferrous metals are generally more applicable in high technology. They are quite ductile, corrosion-resistant, and conduct heat and electricity well.

Precious metal scrap

Precious metal scrap (gold, silver, platinum) can be referred to an independent group. This includes not only jewelry, which can be recycled and reused in production. Included in this group are: various apparatuses (such as those used in the chemical industry), batteries with silver elements, and catalysts.

Composition is not the only thing that separates scrap metal. An alternative could be the size or weight of the item. Accordingly, there is small-sized (chips, angles and other small scrap) and large-sized (rebar, beams, massive construction waste, etc.).

It is also customary to divide scrap metals according to their physical properties: hard, soft, stainless.

Depending on the quality of scrap metal is divided into grades.

Now you know what scrap metal is, and you also know the types of scrap metal and its characteristics. All this is necessary to know if you are going to give scrap metal to a scrap shop. After all, before you do this, you will need to determine what kind of products you have and sort them accordingly.

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