VAG automatic transmission: main faults

The automatic transmission of VAG group cars demonstrates an impressive durability and is rightly considered quite reliable. However, this is achieved by timely maintenance of the “automatic” and its correct operation. If not paying proper attention to “Vag” automatic, you may face a number of unpleasant moments, requiring the elimination of various malfunctions. To know about the typical malfunctions of automatic transmission, as well as the peculiarities of automatic transmission maintenance, installed on different models of Volkswagen, Skoda, Seat and Audi, will not be superfluous. If your car with such a gearbox is beyond repair, use scrap car removal.

Frequent malfunctions of the VAG “automatic” and the causes

It is no secret that in recent years, cars with an “automatic” are gaining in popularity, because such a transmission provides undoubted convenience for the driver, especially when you have to move often around the city in traffic jams. Still, the automatic transmission refers to mechanisms, which have some inherent malfunctions.

A significant part of the malfunctions of automatic transmissions of VAG vehicles is divided into the following groups:

– arising in the electronics;
– occurring in the mechanical or hydraulic part of the box.

Among the malfunctions of the automatic transmission recorded by VAG service centers, the most common are breakdowns of:

– controller (control unit);
– actuators;
– Wiring failures, including breaks and short circuits;
– engine and transmission control sensors.
It should be noted that upon detection of failure of electronic elements, the onboard computer of the vehicle activates the emergency mode, which ensures operation of the transmission even in the presence of failure. It is impossible to ignore it, it is necessary to address to VAG service immediately. It should be understood that in this mode is often the inclusion of a third gear, in which the car can continue driving, but with some restrictions. It is not possible to drive the car in “emergency transmission” mode for a long time, however it is possible to reach service.

Breakdowns in automatic transmission hydraulics and mechanics


On the list of breakdowns of this kind frequent are:

– worn shafts, gears, friction elements;
– breakdowns of torque converter, lock-up clutch and overrunning clutch;
– Failure of hydraulic unit;
– clogged oil ducts and breakdown of the oil pump itself.
The automatic transmission often has unpleasant “surprises”, as a result of which some faults may become the consequence of others. If you do not timely contact the VAG service and do not solve the initial problems, you may encounter much more unpleasant, in addition, even more expensive.

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