Taking care of the car

With time, a car gradually loses its luster: the paint fades, chipping and scratches appear, the plastic and glass become muddy, and the cloth gets dirty. Using a simple detergent is not the best way to remove these defects. What do you do then? Maybe you get cash for car brampton.

How to use car care products:

study the instructions on the package before buying;
Consider the type of the lacquer layer on the car body, as there are different variants of auto chemistry;
Before applying a product, test it on an inconspicuous and limited area of the bodywork to ensure that it is suitable;
Auto-chemicals should be used at a temperature of 15 to 20 degrees Celsius, in a place protected from sun and precipitation.
Restoring the leather

The procedure is as follows:

Remove dirt with a cleanser;
dry the leather;
Apply a special conditioner, it makes the skin soft and elastic.
Keep in mind that depending on the type of leather in terms of hardness you choose one or another type of car cosmetics.

Restoring the bodywork

The order of work is as follows:

Shampoo the body thoroughly and wash it with water, then dry it;
Apply an even layer of abrasive paste and work the body with woolen discs;
wash the bodywork again and dry it;
polish with non-abrasive polishes.
Restoring plastic bumpers and interior parts

Universal cleaners for removing dirt from plastic and rubber surfaces are suitable here. The result is that dirt is removed even from hard-to-reach places, leaving a protective word on the surface that disguises minor defects.

Tire Restoration

Use aerosol sprays. They penetrate the upper layer of the rubber, remove dirt and give the wheels their original black color. As a result, the tires regain their presentable appearance and the rubber resists cracking due to the resulting elasticity.

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