Scrap cars: peculiarities of car recycling

An automobile is a very complex mechanism that consists of numerous assemblies and technical units. Even if the car is completely out of order, it is still of considerable value. To realize this economic potential, it is necessary to properly disassemble and dismantle the car for scrap here: In this article, we will look at the key features of a modern car’s design in terms of scrap metal.

Algorithm of car disassembly

First of all, it should be noted that even if the car is out of order, you can find quite a few serviceable parts. Therefore, it is necessary not to use destructive methods of disassembly until you remove all serviceable parts. The general disassembly algorithm is as follows:

Initial cleaning of the interior from all parts. Seats are removed from the car, upholstery is removed, all equipment installed inside the cabin is dismantled.
Disassembly of units. First of all, the engine is removed, after which the transmission, running gear and other elements are also subject to disassembly. The main problem you may encounter at this stage is the inability to disassemble some parts due to corrosion, when the disassembled elements are stuck to each other. In these cases, you have to use forceful methods of disassembly.
Disassembly of electrical elements. There are quite a lot of wires and cables in the car body, connecting the electrical parts, which also need to be removed.
Disassembly and assessment of the condition of the individual units. After the engine and other technical units have been removed from the car, they need to be evaluated in terms of the remaining parts.

Sorting scrap and preparing it for delivery

After all serviceable parts have been removed from the body, the next step is sorting scrap. Proper sorting will result in the following categories of scrap:

Lumpy ferrous scrap. This includes parts not suitable for repair and operation, as well as the car body cut into pieces.
Non-ferrous metal scrap. Copper, brass, chrome, and other non-ferrous metals can be found in the body of the car and need to be sorted.
Electrical products, wires. This type of scrap in most cases is charged separately, so it is allocated in a special category.
Battery. The unit is not disassembled and should be scrapped in one piece. However, it must be separated from all other types of scrap.
Other types of scrap (the sorting of each disassembled car must be done individually, taking into account the technical features of the unit).
As a rule, the amounts received for repairable parts and scrap are approximately comparable. Therefore, we can say that a disassembled car has a fairly high economic potential, but requires a competent approach to disassembly.

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