How to get rid of an old car?

Don’t know what to do with your old car? All car owners face this problem. Sooner or later the vehicle breaks down and begins to disturb not only its owner, but also those around him. It becomes a source of senseless expenses for the owner, because the car malfunction does not exempt him from paying transport tax. Other people are inconvenienced by extra parking space, which is occupied by the broken car. Moreover, unlike its working counterparts, this car stands permanently, leaving no chance for someone else to park there. A car left on the sidewalk can also interfere with passing pedestrians. It’s also worth noting an important aspect for our beautiful city (and for any other city): old cars do not make it look better. And their recycling benefits, firstly, the economy and ecology. 80 percent of scrap metal from cars is suitable for further production, which is cheaper and safer for the environment than metal mining.

Perhaps these reasons are enough to think about getting rid of your old car. It remains to decide how to do it.

The desire to dispose of the car is usually welcomed by the city authorities. Simply abandoned cars on the street are taken away by tow trucks. If after a certain period of time the owner does not express a desire to take his car, it is sent for recycling. More conscious and practical (because it is possible to get rid of the car with profit for oneself) motorists solve the appeared problem independently. The order of their actions is approximately the following:

First, you should remove the car from the registration in the traffic police and obtain a document confirming this fact. The certificate may be needed to surrender the car to the company engaged in recycling. Serviceable parts can be sold separately through advertisements or turned in to a thrift store. Plastic and textiles can be taken to a specialized company. On this you will not earn, but also do not lose. The organization itself will take out everything. You will have to spend a little money on recycling oil, as it is quite a time-consuming and complicated process. Everything else can be taken to a scrap metal recycling center. This point is often the most profitable.

If time is more valuable to you than money, then you can just sell the old car in its entirety to Only in this case, make sure that it disposes of oil and plastic, and not poison our planet with them.

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