How to change a wheel correctly – tips from skilled motorists

To begin with it is necessary to make a digression. Changing the wheels although it is not difficult enough, which can be done by anyone, but the planned change is better to entrust the planned replacement to professionals. We are talking about seasonal replacement, which is preferably carried out in a tire fitting center. And if it’s too late to change a tire on your car because it’s turned into a pile of scrap metal, get best cash for junk cars.

But it often happens that, for example, a tire breaks on the highway, and there is no way to get to the nearest tire changer. In this case, only you can help yourself. As they say the rescue of the drowning – a matter of the drowning. In this situation you should know exactly how to replace the wheel. Of course, at first glance there is nothing difficult in this procedure, but no one is immune from mistakes. Remember that careless handling with tools can lead not only to damage your car, but also cause damage to your health.

In order to change the wheel you should have a jack, a jack stand and, actually, the spare tire. If you can’t find the jack stand, you can use a wheel wrench or a pump instead. All of these things should be in every car owner’s car, or you may risk to stay on the road with a flat tire for a long time.

Remember that changing a tire is always necessary on a level surface, and the farther you are from the roadway, the safer you will be. But if you happen to have no way to get off the road, you should definitely turn on the emergency signals and put an emergency sign to warn passing drivers. After all, no driver is going to like having an accident while changing a wheel.

So, you should first engage first gear and the handbrake to prevent the car from possibly rolling. Then take the spare tire and put it close to you. Then you should loosen the nuts on the damaged wheel with a wheel wrench.

Now it is time to set the jack on the jack stand and be sure to check that it is securely in place. Immediately after that you can slowly lift the car until the wheel is free to rotate. When you unscrew the nuts all the way, you can remove the damaged wheel and put on a new one, starting from the upper mount. When tightening the nuts, make sure that you tighten them firmly, otherwise the wheel may fall off while you are on the road.

After removing the jack, re-tighten the nuts and check the pressure in the new wheel. If everything is in order, you have successfully changed the wheel.

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