Getting rid of gasoline smell in the car

Car breakdowns are divided into two types: obvious and hidden. Even motorists conditionally divide them into “need to be repaired immediately” and “while it lasts”. It is a pity, that such approach leads to a more serious breakage and higher cost of its elimination. Sometimes you even have to use the service cash for scrap cars etobicoke.


Everyone knows that the fuel system is one of the most dangerous in a car, and yet many car owners perceive hidden breakages in it quite calmly. Take at least a slight smell of gasoline in the cabin. Usually, this phenomenon is written off on recent filling up, as if this smell was its result. But it is not so. The smell of gasoline disappears in 2-3 minutes after refueling. Therefore, the stability in this issue indicates a malfunction of the fuel system of the car.


Fuel leakage is a serious problem, to which you need to pay close attention immediately. After all, even one spark is enough to cause a tragic accident. Besides gasoline has toxic properties. If you inhale it, you can feel hallucinations and even lose consciousness. And if the motorist is driving at that moment? In any case, the smell of gasoline is at least unpleasant in itself.


Initial diagnostics of the car, conduct with the help of your own sense of smell. And if you notice a constant smell of fuel in the back of the cabin (near the gas tank), it is a reason to immediately contact the staff of the car service. Moreover, the smell will be felt in the street, near the car.


More often than not, a gasoline leak leaves obvious traces. Although it is not uncommon for fuel to leak by the drop and leave no visible signs on the road surface. In addition, gasoline begins to leak already after starting the engine, and the majority of motorists do not wait for its full warm-up, immediately leaving for business. As a result, obvious traces of the leak remain on the asphalt unnoticed.


Therefore, if such malfunction is suspected, we recommend you to examine the car from below. Wet traces on a gas tank will give a definite answer, what is the reason of fuel smell in the salon.


Most often the fuel leaks through the leaky connections of the gas tank because of the drying out of rubber seals. To fix the problem you need to replace them. If you can’t do it now, remove the gas tank and coat the problem area with a moisture-resistant sealant. This will solve the problem for a while. Well, in the near future, ask the employees of the car service for the appropriate work. The main thing – do not forget that you can not do this kind of thing with a lit cigarette.


It is not unreasonable to remind you that it is worth emptying the gas tank before removing it. Drain the remaining gasoline through the filter into a suitable container. You can also flush the tank, freeing it from years of dirt. Removing slags and other impurities from the insides of the tank can help reduce gasoline consumption and even increase the sharpness of the car on the road.


In addition to gas tank connections, pay attention to the tightness of the hoses that carry fuel into the engine compartment. If the problem is in them – replace.


If the problem is completely eliminated, the smell of fuel from the cabin will soon be completely gone. There will be no smell of gasoline and near the car on the street. For the final elimination of the odor after the work, refresh the air in the car cabin with the air conditioner.


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