Small business truck drivers drive about five million miles in their lifetime, an average of more than 118,000 miles per year. Sometimes they use the service junk car removal ajax.

Truck drivers are known

to be very numerous among Americans. Specifically, there are 8.9 million people working in the trucking industry in the United States alone; 3.5 million of them are truck drivers.

Truck drivers working in the U.S. pay about 36% of the taxes and fees associated with the highway trust fund, even though they only account for 7% of total traffic.

Thanks to clean diesel technology, more than sixty modern trucks in the U.S. have emissions equivalent to one 1988 truck.

Continuing on the topic of heavy truck emissions, it’s impossible not to mention that in the U.S. alone they have been reduced by more than 95% over the past two decades thanks to the country’s Environmental Protection Agency regulations.

Charles Freihauf, a not unknown German-American blacksmith, invented the first tractor trailer back in 1914, becaus

e he needed a way to transport his boat.

Interesting data on American trucks in briefIn the U.S., only 6 percent of truck drivers are women
The truck industry in the country will grow to 21% in the next ten years
If you lined up all U.S. trucks, they would reach the moon
The U.S. trucking industry has about 15.5 million active trucks
The average commercial truck consumes 20,500 gallons of gas per year
Small trucking companies make up 90% of the industry
In just the past few years, sales of Class 8 trucks in the U.S. have increased by 45%
70% of all cargo in the U.S. is hauled in Class 8 trucks
Not to leave out the fact that American truckers spend a lot of time away from home, but few people know that they spend more than 240 nights on the road each year.

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