Automated multi-level parking lots: isn’t this a fun ride?

It is not always possible to understand what interesting parking can represent. It is enough to drive in and park your car there. But, if parking has full automation, it can become a real attraction. And the most innovative solutions in this direction deserve special attention. If you have an old car in such a parking lot

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Even if there is a deficit and high price for parking, to carry out the expansion of urban infrastructure with each year becomes more and more problematic. Such an issue is especially important for car owners moving along the roads of large cities, and there are less and less parking spaces in the center.

Undoubtedly, the problem with parking is urgent not only in our cities – the increase in the number of cars is observed all over the world and to solve this problem, many experts are working. They offer the authorities all possible variants of their proposals: to forbid the traffic of cars in the central part of the city, to completely prohibit parking, and to evacuate cars left against the rules.
But it becomes clear that this approach is hardly able to cope with the problem, because to prohibit the old, you need to provide something new to replace the past. Automatic parking is gradually becoming one of the optimal means.

What is automatic parking?

As a rule, an automated parking lot consisting of several levels is a powerful structure made of iron, concrete and also glass. It is equipped with a special mechanism, through which the car is raised and placed in a free place, and everything happens without human presence.

In order to place such a parking lot is enough for any uninhabited area with small dimensions. By the way, even in a densely populated city, which has a point-by-point building, to find a suitable site will not be a problem. Typically, the skeleton parking is made of metal, and the outer decoration use high quality and beautiful materials.

As the stuffing of parking lots is used complex interconnected scanning sensors, as well as motion. Also placed the mechanism that carries out the transportation of cars, there is elevators and a variety of computer equipment.

Depending on the method by which the placement of cars, parking lots can be horizontal or vertical. However, for the consumer this difference does not matter much, because the difference between these parking lots is only in the positions of the cars.

Automated parking lots with several levels are very popular in countries with high population density. For example, while in Germany or the U.S. there has been an active construction of parking lots designed specifically for cars, in Japan, as well as in Korea, there is an increased demand even for parking lots designed for bicycles.

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