4 ways to extend battery life in your car

The most common technical problems with the machine are related to the battery. It is discharged or not fully charged, which prevents the engine from starting. To prevent this from happening, you need to regularly service the battery and monitor its condition. Otherwise you have to use the service scrap cars for cash.

No frequent trips
Many drivers actively use the car, but not all of them drive long distances. Oddly enough, but one of the main reasons for premature battery failure are associated precisely with short trips. The battery simply does not have time to charge for such a short train, which leads to its discharge.

Poor battery fixation
Problems with the battery in the car can also arise due to the fault of unscrupulous craftsmen who removed the battery, but poorly installed it. Due to the constant swinging and shaking, the battery deteriorates much faster and has to be replaced.

Dirt under the hood
Not all motorists believe that it is necessary to regularly wash the engine compartment of a car, as this can cause problems with the electrics. But the paradox is that if the engine and all attachments are not washed from dirt, then problems with the electrics are also inevitable. The battery must be regularly cleaned of dirt and oxides in order for it to function properly.

Regular maintenance
Each battery needs regular maintenance and testing. These procedures are carried out in special workshops that specialize in batteries. Masters check the charge, level and density of the electrolyte. Then the serviced battery is installed back on the car, and you can safely drive for another year.

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