Get Rid of Corporate and Union Campaign Donations

  1. Eliminate ALL Corporate and Union Campaign Donations
  2. Limit Individual Donations to $1,500
  3. Limit Campaign Budgets to $60,000
  4. Timely Disclosure of Campaign Donations BEFORE Election Day

I am an Independent running to represent the interests of the communities of Ward 7, not those of the developers or any pseudo parties, real or perceived, such as the Manning Centre or CivicCamp. I am backed by members of the community at large. I refuse to accept donations from corporations, unions or third party organizations of any size or background. I also have capped my budget to no more than $60,000 and have capped individual donations to no more than $1500. I have done this for one reason and one reason alone: I never want to be compromised in my decision making. Corporations and unions are partners of the city and make the city work, but they are not in it for charity – they have their own (very valid) interests. It is integral that when negotiating with each, that your councillor not be compromised by having previously accepted (or hope to receive future) donations or gifts from either of these parties.

These are not new ideas and can be easily adopted in principal and practice immediately by everyone in the race. Both the Federal and Provincial Governments have already eliminated corporate and union campaign funding. They did it for one reason: to remove their influence from the political process. It is for the same reason we must eliminate it at the civic level as well. (Frankly, I suspect most corporation and unions would prefer not feeling compelled to back any candidate as they need to work with whoever gets in in any event).

Personal donations have also been limited to $1500 per year at the federal level. This is to avoid undue influence in politics by the rich and connected. I also believe this is incredibly important and should be adopted on a per campaign basis as well (i.e. $1500 per 4 year election cycle).

Limiting the amount of money that can be spent by a campaign is also a basic tenant to a just democracy that does not want to be ruled by money. And it also will demand candidates learn how to manage a limited budget before you unleash them on the city budget! There is far too much money in municipal politics and it is entirely unnecessary. Anything more than $60,000 goes to paying for professional spin doctors, campaign managers (see: spin doctors) and pollsters. You will never receive an annoying call from a pollster from the Brent Alexander Campaign. We respect your time and privacy too much!

You deserve to know who is funding your council candidate campaigns. It is the interests of the voters that are being represented when your councillor is negotiating with both corporations and unions. Druh Farrell’s 2013 campaign was massively backed by Inner City Developers. Demand that all your council candidates for Ward 7 renounce donations from any but personal donors and disclose all donations on at least a monthly basis starting no later than June, 2017 and weekly after nomination day Sept 18, 2017.

To summarize:

  1. Eliminate ALL Corporate and Union Campaign Donations
  2. Limit Individual Donations to $1,500
  3. Limit Campaign Budgets to $60,000
  4. Timely Disclosure of Campaign Donations BEFORE Election Day

Current list of Donors (cash and in kind) as at September 20, 2017.

Donors between $1 and $1500:

Hugh Alexander
Alexander Milne
Arkadia Kydon
Anne Yates-Laberge
Eunice Wong
Trevor Dreher
David Hwang
Evelyne Mauro
Patrick Davitt
Cindy Law
Daniel M Wares
Daniel M Wares
David Hwang
Lori and Jason Armstrong
Ted Brown
Dale Voight
Michael St. James
Jeremy Mroch
Jim Evans
Mary Lea Meadows
Murray and Diane Anderson
Danielle James
Fraser Tingle
Christy Liu
Gord Graham
Nancy and Robert Watts
Edward Juarez
Reg Sauve
David Brundrit
Sean Rouillard
Eveline Wheatley Goodall
Christopher Renaud
Steven Woodside
Angie Gelinas
Leanne Sklarenko
Hamish MacAulay
Ingram Gillmore
Mark Beckman
Marsha Mah Poy & William France
Darren Smith
Ron & Elise Miiller
Sai Wu
Carol Wulfman
Robert Gray
Anne Yates-Laberge
Kelly Turner
Jim Ripley
Darlene Hull
Scott Taylor
Aleem Dhanani
Terry Rock
Paul Gagnon
Wayne Wagner
Doug Leighton
Jason Frankish
Carol Sin


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