Calgarians are losing trust in their civic government and elected officials. Once trust is lost, it is very hard to regain. We must stop this erosion of trust of City Hall and reinforce its foundations. We need a councilor who understands that trust is of paramount importance to Calgarians.

 Trust is about honouring our word to our citizens and our communities.

  1. Honour our contracts with citizens. Midfield Trailer Park residents were blindsided when the offer to relocate them was rescinded and a small cash offer replaced it. Being asked to relocate was hard enough for some long time residents, but to have the offer for them to relocate to a new trailer park within Calgary then have it pulled out from under them and replaced without discussion or negotiation with a small cash offer with nowhere to live is unconscionable.
  2. Honour Our Contracts with Communities. Honour Area Redevelopment Plans (ARPs) of your community and the Municipal Development Plan for communities without an ARP. These documents have been built with communities to guide change moving forward while respecting the existing values of the community. If they are to be changed, it should be with the community in review of the ARP as a whole, and not piecemeal taken apart to benefit individual developers. No more amendments for developers.

Trust is about ensuring you are never in a conflict of interest.

  1. Take Big Money Out of City Politics. The developers benefiting from the piecemeal destruction of our community ARP’s are more often than not the same corporations bank rolling the re-election of councillors. While it is legal, it is clearly ethically wrong. I will not take money from companies or unions. I will work with everyone, but I will not be compromised. I will propose to eliminate all corporate and union sources of funding to both council and the provincial government (the latter writes the legislation that covers this area). Regardless of the outcome, I will not take money from either union or corporation, now or in the future.

Trust is about understanding that mistakes do happen, and allowing for them to be redressed.

  1. Establish an ombudsman office to mediate disputes between residents and departments of the city including Enmax and tax assessors. Mistakes happen in all sizes of organizations, but an individual fighting City Hall to correct a mistake is nearly impossible. An ombudsman’s office allows citizens to have a resource that is embedded within City Hall to help resolve their issues. The intention is to reduce the stress, time and energy it takes while also reducing the animosity between the parties and come to a resolution. Embedded in the ombudsman’s process is a feedback loop to the various city departments, to help them reduce the irritants that drive citizen’s to engage the Ombudsman Office in the first place.

Rebuilding and renewing trust is about being very intentional in our decisions to honour our word to our citizens and communities. It is about not allowing ourselves to be in a position of conflict of interest. It is about allowing mistakes to be corrected. We can do this, but I need your help to be your voice on council so that the city knows this is your priority. Vote Brent Alexander for Ward 7 in 2017.