Cutting Red Tape at City Hall

We must welcome new businesses to help Calgary diversify and strengthen our economy moving forward. One element is to reduce road blocks for new business from setting up shop in Calgary to begin with. This will also help existing business owners innovate at the same time.

There is necessary procedure and then there is red tape. It’s a subtle difference but not rocket science. Unfortunately, this has been lost on the current administration at City Hall. Calgary is viewed by many as the most bureaucratic prairie city to set up business.

Brent Alexander intends to:

  • Create a Task Force which will route out bureaucratic red tape and simplify procedures.
  • Ensure Majority of Task Force to include reps from Calgary Chamber of Commerce, various Business Associations and Calgary Economic Development.
  • Set measurable specific time limits for the processing of permits and license applications.
  • Apply the principals of consistency and transparency in the enforcement of regulations.
  • Coordinate the operations of different departments to eliminate inefficiencies, duplication and waste.
  • Meet regularly with Task Force to monitor the progress. Every group must have their feet held to the fire to ensure progress is made. Oversight is a key component.

The vibrancy of a growing city is measured in part by its ability to attract new and retain existing businesses. Eliminating unnecessary red tape and making it easy for businesses to set up shop in Calgary is essential to diversify our economy. The more bureaucratic a city, the more likely companies will give it a pass when deciding where to set up shop. If Calgary is to thrive as a healthy community and services are to reach an increasing populace without adding to your tax burden, then red tape must go!

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