What are the top concerns in the communities of Ward 7?

  •  An Accessible and Responsive Councilor 

We need to rediscover the service element of public service.

The most common complaint from residents across the riding is their frustration at not being heard… this must, and will, change.

With two decades in the financial sector my ability to listen carefully and work with my clients to develop solutions has proven critical to their long-term success.

My office should, and will, be your point of contact and you will receive a response within 24 hours.

  • Fair Taxes & Stewardship of Your Tax Dollars 

We need to do a better job prioritizing expenditures.

Residents want frivolous spending to stop.

Ward 7 residents pay very high taxes yet our established communities are underfunded and the renewal of our aging infrastructure places low on the cities agenda. Inner city developers still do not cover the full costs of their redevelopment. There is no evidence that this redevelopment subsidy is needed. We must re-prioritize towards renewing our communities based on the unique needs of each community – not a top down approach that doesn’t listen to the community voices.

  • Evidence Based Decision Making 

We need to make decisions based on evidence and competent planning.

Residents want rational, evidence-based decisions that will improve the quality of life for all of our communities.

You deserve and will get a councilor who is willing to take the time to listen to residents and qualified experts alike. The decisions we make today affect all of our lives tomorrow.

We need to be thoughtful, forward thinking and practical!

  • Integrity!

I am an Independent running to represent the interests of the communities of Ward 7, not those of the developers or any pseudo parties, real or perceived, such as the Manning Centre or CivicCamp. I am backed by members of the community at large. I refuse to accept donations from corporations, unions or third party organizations of any size or background. I also have capped my budget to no more than $60,ooo and have capped individual donations to no more than $1500. I have done this for one reason and one reason alone: I never want to be compromised in my decision making. Corporations and unions are partners of the city and make the city work, but they are not in it for charity – they have their own (very valid) interests. It is integral that when negotiating with each, that your councillor not be compromised by having previously accepted (or hope to receive future) donations or gifts from either of these parties.

You deserve to know it is the interests of the voters that are being represented when your councillor is negotiating with these civic partners. Drug Farrell’s 2013 campaign was massively backed by Inner City Developers. Demand that all your council candidates for Ward 7 renounce donations from any but personal donors and disclose them on at least a monthly basis starting no later than June, 2017.

  • Financial Responsibility

There is far too much money in municipal politics and it is entirely unnecessary. If a candidate cannot manage their campaign within a $60,000 budget – a massive budget for such a short campaign – how can you trust them to manage your civic budget? Anything more than $60,000 goes to paying for professional spin doctors, campaign managers (see: spin doctors) and pollsters. You will never receive an annoying call from a pollster from the Brent Alexander Campaign. We respect your time privacy too much.

Make an informed decision. Demand to know who is backing all the candidates in your ward and how they are connected to the development industry by Nomination Day, September 18, 2017 with updates every week of any additional donations until Election Day Oct 16, 2017.